About Digital Amrit


Hello, I am Kartik. Thank you for dropping in.

I am a father to two lovely daughters and a husband to a wonderful wife.

In my professional life, I work in IT as a business analyst, product manager, project manager as the situation demands. Currently, I am part of the Product Management Practice at ThoughtWorks. Read my thoughts on product management, android and life at my other blog – Kartik’s Musings.

I like to read a lot (Goodreads) with topics ranging from the sublime to the supremely ridiculous. I like to learn continuously and am interested deeply in the process of learning. In addition, I am a long time gamer (favorite games being the civilization series). I have learned android development in my spare time as I love to take an idea and make it work.

Contact me through any of the social media in the footer or email me.

Please visit Crazycookup which is a blog on Crafts and DIY, written by my wife, Viji. You can check out her books for toddlers, here.

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