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Reading fast and a lot: I do and you can too


“How come you read so many books?”. This question is posed to me all the time. And usually, I have the same answer – I shrug, smile and give a non-committal response. Now, I realize that’s not really helpful; so, I am going to lay bare some truths from my perspective. I will address this …

Digital Amrit Book Store Goes Live!

book store

Update: The Amazon widget was not working correctly. So, I have created my own listing. Now, the Amazon listing will take you to the store closest to your geography. Thanks Kartik   Hello Patrons, For your convenience, Digital Amrit now has a Book Store with links to only the highly rated books, that have been …

Honey the Farmhand:

Viji’s third picture book for toddlers is out on Kindle. Get it at It is available on Kindle Unlimited. It can also be downloaded for free from 13-Mar to 15-Mar. Please review the book on amazon and goodreads.