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Review of ‘Annihilation’ by Jeff VanderMeer


‘Annihilation’ is written by Jeff VanderMeer. It is the first book in the ‘Southern Reach’ trilogy. I got to know of its existence when I saw the trailer for the movie. The trailer was bizarre but was quirky enough to pique my interest. Plus, it was directed by Alex Garland and starred Natalie Portman and …

Review of ‘Horror Stories: 51 Sleepless Nights’ by Tobias Wade

Sleepless Nights

  Disclaimer: I was gifted the book by the author for an honest review. “Horror Stories: 51 Sleepless Nights ” is written by Tobias Wade, former neuroscience researcher and author. ’51 Sleepless Nights’ is an  anthology of fifty-one (duh!) horror/thriller short stories involving all kinds of fears including arachnophobia (spiders), changelings, loss of identity, paranoia, demons, …