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Know about RSS

know the rss

This blog post is an unbiased review of the book. It is not a political commentary. What is the book about? “Know about RSS” is written by Arun Anand. This book is an attempt to fill the knowledge gap about RSS and provide information about the RSS functions and its organizational structure. What does this …

Review – NDTV Frauds

NDTV Frauds

Premise ‘NDTV Frauds‘ exposes the collusion among politicians, media and the bureaucracy. It walks us through the history of NDTV from its start to the current day. We see the unbelievable corruption that is NDTV, in this journey.   ‘NDTV Frauds’ is not afraid to name names. It calls out Barkha Dutt, Bhaskar Ghose, Arun …